The Best Ultrasonic Pest Repellers For Mice, Roaches, & Insects

Either as a last resort or as part of an integral pest management plan, ultrasonic pest repellers can save you a lot of nuisance and additional pest control costs.

Whether you have an ant problem, roaches terrorizing your home, or mice trotting down your kitchen floor, ultrasound may help you ward off these little buggers.

Especially if  you’ve tried everything such as traps, powders, Hot Shot mixes, Dupont gels, and baits and whatnot.

It must be noted that they’re not an end-all cure but these little gizmos do offer some advantages (provided that they work, more about that in a bit). read more

non-lethal ant control

How To Get Rid Of Ants Without Killing Them

So, you have an ant problem and you want to make it go away in a humane, natural way?

Kudos to you for not wanting to use harsh chemicals that hurt or kill them. By doing using so you will be protecting the environment, your kids, pets, and your own consciousness.

Whether you are a Buddhist, animal lover, PETA enthusiast, or just in favor of natural solutions, getting rid of ants in the house naturally without poisons is possible.

An effective, environmentally safe approach consists of the following steps. read more

How To Get Rid Of (Resistant) Head Lice

We’ve conquered polio and smallpox. We’ve put a man on the moon and explored the depths of the oceans. We’ve mapped the known universe and the human genome. Yet we still haven’t found a way to get rid of head lice.

In fact, head lice are actually getting tougher (they’re becoming increasingly resistant to common treatments) and thus less susceptible to treatment.

Experts put the prevalence of louse infestation down to three factors:

  • ineffective treatment,
  • incorrect use of treatment,
  • and headlice gaining resistance to insecticides.

Head lice mutate quickly because of their fast reproductive cycles (a female can lay an egg every 4 hours). read more

How To Keep Your Pool Algae, Frog, Mosquito & Snake-Free

Living in Florida has its pluses; like much lower cost of living compared to a state like California, where I grew up, and Florida does not levy huge taxes on its citizens like California does, either. Two primary reasons why I eventually settled here.

One of the things I quickly learned while moving here are the effects of an abandoned neighborly swimming pool. Or to paraphrase; a pool of pests.

This brings the frogs (feed on mosquitoes), which brings the water-moccasins (venomous snakes, which feed on the frogs). The frogs croak loudly whenever they are disturbed, at any hour of the day. read more

31 Ways To Get Rid of Slugs And Snails In The Garden

Snails and slugs are a nuisance to gardeners worldwide. Your spring vegetable and herb garden offers a banquet to these pesky mollusks, which largely remain hidden during the day, and emerge to feast on your plants during the night.

When you go outside in the morning to check on your garden, the chewed leaves and stems of your prized garden plants provide evidence that they were out while you slept.

How do you control these garden pests?

Here are the most common ways to keep your vegetable and ornamental crops safe. Get rid of slugs and snails on your fruit trees, your greenhouse, your orchard, and organic herbs. read more

12 Ways To Protect Your Baby From Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are maddening enough for adults: think how much worse they torment babies. With their delicate skin and lack of mobility, babies are perfect prey for bloodsuckers.

Moreover, babies and children are typically bitten more by mosquitoes than by any other type of insect.

Here are proven tips on how to protect your baby from mosquitoes.

1. Keep your baby away from mosquitoes

Timing and location are essential. Your primary aim should always be to keep mosquitoes away from your baby as well as your baby away from mosquitoes.

That means keeping babies inside at peak biting times (usually dawn and dusk), and staying away from pools of still water where mosquitoes breed. Also flower gardens and unconvered foods attract skeeters. read more

14 Termite Prevention Tips

How do you prevent termites from damaging your home? They are called ‘silent destroyers’ because they may be tearing up your house without you noticing any signs of destruction.

So often you don’t know that you have termites. Still, there are various things you can do to inhibit the threat.

Experts estimate it generally takes 3 to 8 years for termites to cause considerable damage although some of the more destructive termite types can cause major structural damage in as little as a few months. read more

How To Get Rid Of Mice In House Without Killing Them

It’s a cold hard fact, winter weather drives mice and rats into our homes. In fall, with cooler weather moving in, several critters will be dying to invade your home to stay nice and warm.

Mice breed fast and one mouse taking up residence in  your home may result in a populations that exceeds 200 specimens within a matter of months.

Thinking about it just makes you want to curl up in bed, feet safely off of the floor until you can come out of hibernation in the spring. If all you had to go up against were a few ants and the occasional spider, it wouldn’t be so bad. read more

17 Ways To Avoid And Treat Ticks On Humans

A silent predator is stalking you, and it’s rarely bigger than your pinkie nail. This predator, of course, is the tick.

Aside from having a nasty bite, these little buggers can carry debilitating diseases, such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

I have experienced from up close which devastating  effects a single tick bite can cause. My ex girlfriend never knew she had been bitten by a tick but gradually and steadily she entered the world of Lyme disease.

My ex gf had to endure all kinds of horrible chronic conditions, from nerve pain to just feeling sick to a facial paralysis (half her face was paralyzed but luckily that was cured eventually. Which can not be said of all her ailments. So take tick prevention seriously because what these little bugs can cause is creepy as hell. read more