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Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Salt Shooter Review


Its predecessor, the Bug-A-Salt salt shooter offers a fun and fairly effective way to repel pesky flies. Flies and other bugs keep creating problems and annoyances which is why the creators of the Bug-A-Salt didn’t sit still.

The new and improved Bug-A-Salt 2.0. has just been released on crowd funding site Indiegogo. The marketing phrase ‘new and improved’ isn’t just a hollow phrase here. It actualy walks the take since the second edition salt shooter is better in various ways. read more

Off! Mosquito Clip On Fan, Does It Work?

What’s the top spoiler when camping, trekking, playing, or simply relaxing outdoors?

Getting swarmed by insects particularly of mosquitoes. The conventional solution to protect your skin is to use mosquito repellants in the form of spray or lotion.

Although they are very much safe and effective, a lot of people think twice in using them because of that sticky feeling and somewhat unique smell.

According to Off!, the next best alternative is to use a mosquito clip on fan.

What is a mosquito clip-on fan and how does it work?

The clip on fan is a small device which promises to drive away mosquitoes without the need for you to apply repellant sprays and lotions. read more