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17 Common Myths About Mosquitoes

glass of vinegar mosquito repellent?
a common mosquito repellent myth

Nothing beats the experience of having fun outside. The simple joy of the relaxing touch of a cool breeze outdoors is hard to beat.

But there’s one spoiler everybody hates; bugs! Particularly mosquitoes.

Aside from the obvious annoyance that they bring, there’s also a risk that the victim may contract some of the life threatening diseases that only these tiny vampires spread.

They carry bacteria and viruses that cause dengue, malaria, yellow fever, West Nile, and chikungunya.

From childhood, almost every individual has a preconceived notion about mosquitoes. Some may be true but majority are just myths or old age beliefs. Here’s a comprehensive list of the most common myths people have about mosquitoes: read more

18 Ways To Keep Your Home Mosquito-Free

With a good plan and a structured approach, keeping your home mosquito free in summer is absolutely doable. And you can do it safely and without poisons too.

The key is to start at the source – their breeding grounds, and to move logically through your outside spaces, into your house and onto your person.

At every step there are actions you can take which will make the difference between a nightmare summer and the relaxed happy break you deserve. Take a look at our 17 point system for ridding your home of pesky mosquitoes. read more

Do Mosquito Bits and Dunks Work? Are They Safe? A Review

It’s the first nice day of the season. You’re sitting down for a meal outside with the family.

Suddenly that annoying buzzing around your ears. Then, a pin prick. Your hand swats wildly *SMACK*, but nope. The skeeter beat you. You look down and there it is: a giant, red, itchy welt.

The fresh joy of being outside basking in the Spring sun just became tainted. It’s mosquito season.

There´s something else this incident informs you about.

You are too late.

Late with taking precautions. Preparing your yard to reduce mosquito infestation. read more

The Dangers of West Nile Virus – Symptoms & Treatment Tips

First reports of the West Nile virus rearing its ugly head in the U.S. were in 1999. In New York 62 contaminations and 7 deaths were confirmed.

Since then the virus has caused hundreds of deaths. The CDC not only reports thousands of cases of West Nile virus throughout the US but also Dengue Fever is taking its toll. Malaria outbreaks are still scarce in the US but the mosquito is wreaking havoc as it is.

In 2008 alone, the CDC reported 1,356 cases of West Nile throughout the U.S. and 44 deaths. In 2009 and 2010, outbreaks of dengue fever were reported in the U.S. read more

Mosquito Bite Allergy, What Exactly Is It?

While a mosquito bite may be nothing more than an itching annoyance for most people, for those with a mosquito bite allergy, a bite could trigger symptoms that are much more painful and dramatic than the small red bump which is a typical reaction.

What exactly is mosquito bite allergy?

This allergy is also commonly called “Skeeter Syndrome,” though medical personnel are probably more likely to refer to the condition as HMB, or hypersensitivity to mosquito bites.

  • Symptoms of HMB are most often swelling, bruising, hives or a rash, also known as urticaria, in the area where the bite occurred, though these symptoms may show up across the entire body part or limb as well.
  • There are also rare cases in which a person might experience hives and/or swelling throughout their whole body.
  • Meanwhile, those with asthma could also have an asthmatic response that makes it difficult to breathe.

When a mosquito bites you, they are actually injecting their snouts into your flesh and routing around in there as they seek out a blood vessel. read more