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cartoon by Mark Parisi

Choosing The Best Mosquito Net For Travel and Camping

Whether you’re backpacking in the mountains of South Dakota or the South American rain forests, a mosquito net is a mandatory camping supply.

These bugs are a nuisance at best and deadly disease carriers at worst. Fortunately, there are hundreds of products on the market to fit all kinds of situations.

If you’re feeling fancy, you can even get mosquito nets made of cotton or organic silk.

Below is a guide for picking the best mosquito nets for travel and camping.

How Mosquito Nets Work

Mesh size

Insect nets and window screens with a mesh size of 1.2 mm halt mosquitoes. Smaller holes, from 0.6 mm stop other biting bugs such as no-see-ums and biting midges. read more

mosquito racket zapper

Do Handheld Mosquito Zappers Work? Reviews and FAQ

Do you too hate bugs with a passion? When mosquito season starts many of us are ready declare war to the infuriating gits. With all the mayhem mosquitoes cause, the analogy of war isn’t that far fetched.

Others liken the battle against the bugs to sports. The bug-a-salt is a typical example of making a sport out of killing the pesky insects. Better have some fun while you’re at it right?

In a similar fashion many of us take up our ‘tennis racket-like’ handheld zappers.

You may have wondered, do handheld mosquito zappers (aka mosquito bats) work? read more