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The Best Ultrasonic Pest Repellers For Mice, Roaches, & Insects

Either as a last resort or as part of an integral pest management plan, ultrasonic pest repellers can save you a lot of nuisance and additional pest control costs.

Whether you have an ant problem, roaches terrorizing your home, or mice trotting down your kitchen floor, ultrasound may help you ward off these little buggers.

Especially if  you’ve tried everything such as traps, powders, Hot Shot mixes, Dupont gels, and baits and whatnot.

It must be noted that they’re not an end-all cure but these little gizmos do offer some advantages (provided that they work, more about that in a bit). read more

How To Get Rid Of Mice In House Without Killing Them

It’s a cold hard fact, winter weather drives mice and rats into our homes. In fall, with cooler weather moving in, several critters will be dying to invade your home to stay nice and warm.

Mice breed fast and one mouse taking up residence in  your home may result in a populations that exceeds 200 specimens within a matter of months.

Thinking about it just makes you want to curl up in bed, feet safely off of the floor until you can come out of hibernation in the spring. If all you had to go up against were a few ants and the occasional spider, it wouldn’t be so bad. read more