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The Best Mosquito Repelling Plants According To Studies

It is commonly believed that certain plant species repel mosquitoes and thus protect from bites.

Websites and other sources claim that mosquitoes and other bugs “can’t stand the pungent scent” a certain plant aerates thus making it “an excellent mosquito repellent”.

A friend of mine insists that growing lavender on his balcony under his bedroom window is the reason he never has the pesky bugs in his bedroom.

The truth is that omnipresent claims such as the following are often exaggerated or just nonsense. read more

Off! Mosquito Clip On Fan, Does It Work?

What’s the top spoiler when camping, trekking, playing, or simply relaxing outdoors?

Getting swarmed by insects particularly of mosquitoes. The conventional solution to protect your skin is to use mosquito repellants in the form of spray or lotion.

Although they are very much safe and effective, a lot of people think twice in using them because of that sticky feeling and somewhat unique smell.

According to Off!, the next best alternative is to use a mosquito clip on fan.

What is a mosquito clip-on fan and how does it work?

The clip on fan is a small device which promises to drive away mosquitoes without the need for you to apply repellant sprays and lotions. read more

Is DEET Safe? The Pros and Cons Of DEET Mosquito Repellent

If  you have ever been to tropical areas you’ll probably have used DEET. Especially in those regions of the world where malaria is a threat, an effective mosquito repellent is a must. And now that the West Nile virus has made its entrance in the US it may be a required for domestic use too.

Anyone who has sprayed their skin with the chemical repellent and then picked up a nylon jacket or plastic shades may have seen the item fall apart in their hands.

DEET can damage all kinds of synthetic items, from flipflops to water bottles. It may take of your nail polish or disintegrate your tights. read more

Why Do Mosquitos Bite Me And Not My Friend ?

some people are mosquito magnets
some people are mosquito magnets

Have you ever returned from the woods, covered in mosquito bites, while your friends are somehow untouched?

Or your significant other doesn’t seem to be bothered at all during that hot summer night while you lie awake from the buzzing while suppressing the urge to scratch your itchy welts.

You’re probably among the 20% of people who are naturally attractive to mosquitoes. According to other experts such as Jerry Butler, PhD, professor emeritus at the University of Florida this number is a bit lower. read more