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17 Ways To Avoid And Treat Ticks On Humans

A silent predator is stalking you, and it’s rarely bigger than your pinkie nail. This predator, of course, is the tick.

Aside from having a nasty bite, these little buggers can carry debilitating diseases, such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

I have experienced from up close which devastating  effects a single tick bite can cause. My ex girlfriend never knew she had been bitten by a tick but gradually and steadily she entered the world of Lyme disease.

My ex gf had to endure all kinds of horrible chronic conditions, from nerve pain to just feeling sick to a facial paralysis (half her face was paralyzed but luckily that was cured eventually. Which can not be said of all her ailments. So take tick prevention seriously because what these little bugs can cause is creepy as hell. read more

15 Tick Treatment And Prevention Tips For Pets

Ticks are nasty little things. Not only do they make your pet uncomfortable, they also pose a threat to human health.

Illnesses like Lyme disease are transmitted by their bites, and can affect humans as well as animals. So here are 15 tick treatment and prevention tips for pets.

Tick prevention tips for pets

There are various ways to protect your pets from tick bites. Each has it own pros and cons.

1. Be selective in where your pet roams

Ticks usually live in long grass or low-level foliage, and grip onto any host who brushes past.

Keep pets indoors isn’t realistic.  In late spring and summer, when ticks are most active, walk your dog in the street rather than letting them run free in the countryside. read more