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How To Get Rid Of (Resistant) Head Lice

We’ve conquered polio and smallpox. We’ve put a man on the moon and explored the depths of the oceans. We’ve mapped the known universe and the human genome. Yet we still haven’t found a way to get rid of head lice.

In fact, head lice are actually getting tougher (they’re becoming increasingly resistant to common treatments) and thus less susceptible to treatment.

Experts put the prevalence of louse infestation down to three factors:

  • ineffective treatment,
  • incorrect use of treatment,
  • and headlice gaining resistance to insecticides.

Head lice mutate quickly because of their fast reproductive cycles (a female can lay an egg every 4 hours). read more

How To Keep Your Pool Algae, Frog, Mosquito & Snake-Free

Living in Florida has its pluses; like much lower cost of living compared to a state like California, where I grew up, and Florida does not levy huge taxes on its citizens like California does, either. Two primary reasons why I eventually settled here.

One of the things I quickly learned while moving here are the effects of an abandoned neighborly swimming pool. Or to paraphrase; a pool of pests.

This brings the frogs (feed on mosquitoes), which brings the water-moccasins (venomous snakes, which feed on the frogs). The frogs croak loudly whenever they are disturbed, at any hour of the day. read more

18 Ways To Keep Your Home Mosquito-Free

With a good plan and a structured approach, keeping your home mosquito free in summer is absolutely doable. And you can do it safely and without poisons too.

The key is to start at the source – their breeding grounds, and to move logically through your outside spaces, into your house and onto your person.

At every step there are actions you can take which will make the difference between a nightmare summer and the relaxed happy break you deserve. Take a look at our 17 point system for ridding your home of pesky mosquitoes. read more