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What’s This White, Leaf-Eating ‘Tick-Like’, ‘Beetle-Type’ Bug?

white beetle-type bug in the Fort Lauderdale area
white beetle-type bug in the Fort Lauderdale area

Hello,  can you identify this white tick looking bug?

It is on my lawn and a few young trees.  Located in south Florida ft Lauderdale area.

[…]it looks like they are eating the leaves…. at least something is eat the leaves but this white bug is the only thing that is visible on the tree’s leaves. thank you in advance. anthony

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What’s This Bug? 1/16 Inch Flying Bugs Found In Coffee

tiny flying bug with banded body
tiny flying bug with banded body
Tiny flying bugs measuring about 1/16″ long.
Tiny Flying Bugs with Banded Bodies 2 Where:
“The brownish tinge to the pictures is from a paper towel stained with coffee as my wife found them in coffee left over from the day before.  We have seen a few of these flying around in the kitchen and have searched everywhere to see where they are coming from.  No luck.
We live in South Florida and it has been fairly cold here for the last week or so.  Possibly, that is relevant to identification.”
Tiny Flying Bugs with Banded Bodies 3

Do you know what type of bugs these are?

Let us know below.

Got an ID request yourself?

Are little insects bugging you? Are you itching to know which bug you are dealing with?

  • Send a clear picture to dd2 [@] live [dot] nl.
  • Mention size. For instance 2 mm.
  • If possible with something for scale in it. Or something on the background. A remote control, a coin, or a banana if  you must.

  • Mention where you encounter the bugs. For example; in your living room in Carlsbad, California.
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    What’s This Bug? Moth Cocoon That Looks Like Dust?

    what's this bug that looks like a dust cocoon
    is this some kind of insect larva?
    is this dusty thingy a bug or cocoon?
    dust with hairs?


    I thought at first it was just a huge piece of dust, but looking closer, I realized the dust looks more like hairs.


    I am currently fixing up an abandoned house that the windows are all boarded and there is no air conditioner. I just found this on one of the window frames on the metal.

    What else:

    I do have a problem with a lot of bag worms all over the outside and inside of my house. I thought it could be a cocoon of a moth.

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