What’s This Bug? Moth Cocoon That Looks Like Dust?

what's this bug that looks like a dust cocoon
is this some kind of insect larva?


is this dusty thingy a bug or cocoon?
dust with hairs?



I thought at first it was just a huge piece of dust, but looking closer, I realized the dust looks more like hairs.


I am currently fixing up an abandoned house that the windows are all boarded and there is no air conditioner. I just found this on one of the window frames on the metal.

What else:

I do have a problem with a lot of bag worms all over the outside and inside of my house. I thought it could be a cocoon of a moth.

And if it is does it have anything to do with the bag worms?


Do you know what this is?

Any idea what this is? Perhaps you have fixed up an old building yourself. Or had to deal with (plaster) bag worms and recognize the unknown specimen.

Entymologists and other folks who happen to know what this weird dusty thing is, please let us know in the comment section below.



Got an ID request yourself?

Are little insects bugging you? Are you itching to know which bug you are dealing with?

  • Send a clear picture to dd2 [@] live [dot] nl.
  • Mention size. For instance 2 mm.
  • If possible with something for scale in it. Or something on the background. A remote control, a coin, or a banana if  you must.
  • Mention where you encounter the bugs. For example; in your living room in Carlsbad, California.
  • Mention characteristics. Do they fly? Do they bite?


We will post your pics here and help you determine what you’re dealing with.

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