What’s This White, Leaf-Eating ‘Tick-Like’, ‘Beetle-Type’ Bug?

white beetle-type bug in the Fort Lauderdale area
white beetle-type bug in the Fort Lauderdale area


Hello,  can you identify this white tick looking bug?

It is on my lawn and a few young trees.  Located in south Florida ft Lauderdale area.

[…]it looks like they are eating the leaves…. at least something is eat the leaves but this white bug is the only thing that is visible on the tree’s leaves. thank you in advance. anthony

Do you know which bug this is? Perhaps they’ve been eating  your garden plants too? Help Anthony out and drop a comment below. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “What’s This White, Leaf-Eating ‘Tick-Like’, ‘Beetle-Type’ Bug?

    1. i took some tools i had from the garage that were in a 5 gal. pail after i took some tools out and put them on my desk i noticed something walking on my desk it was the shape of a tick but was white it looked like it had powder sugar on it i took a 12″ rule and put it over the bug and pushed down it made a crunching sound im only worried because i brought this bug into my living space
      p.s. i live in south Florida

  1. Oh my gosh, what are these? I live in Delray Beach Florida and these popped up and are all over my popcorn cassia and my oak tree. I have been looking everywhere trying to identify it and figure out how to get rid of it.

    1. Do they also leave a blackened area on trunk of tree and how in the world do I get rid of them??

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