What’s This Bug? 1/16 Inch Flying Bugs Found In Coffee

tiny flying bug with banded body
tiny flying bug with banded body
Tiny flying bugs measuring about 1/16″ long.
Tiny Flying Bugs with Banded Bodies 2
“The brownish tinge to the pictures is from a paper towel stained with coffee as my wife found them in coffee left over from the day before.  We have seen a few of these flying around in the kitchen and have searched everywhere to see where they are coming from.  No luck.
We live in South Florida and it has been fairly cold here for the last week or so.  Possibly, that is relevant to identification.”
Tiny Flying Bugs with Banded Bodies 3

Do you know what type of bugs these are?

Let us know below.

Got an ID request yourself?

Are little insects bugging you? Are you itching to know which bug you are dealing with?

  • Send a clear picture to dd2 [@] live [dot] nl.
  • Mention size. For instance 2 mm.
  • If possible with something for scale in it. Or something on the background. A remote control, a coin, or a banana if  you must.
  • Mention where you encounter the bugs. For example; in your living room in Carlsbad, California.
  • Mention characteristics. Do they fly? Do they bite?


We will post your pics here and help you determine what you’re dealing with.

3 thoughts on “What’s This Bug? 1/16 Inch Flying Bugs Found In Coffee

  1. I recently have had these. I purchase beans from Starbucks and Costco and they both by coffee maker and supplies in Kitchen. I don’t know how to get rid of. I worry how many have been consumed in coffee and are these harmful. I am in California. Its been a hot summer.

  2. Those are just common fruit flies. We get them all the time. They lay eggs in the drain. I think you can run vinegar and hot water down the drain and it will help. We had them so bad that we bought a $40 bug zapper for in the house and it kills all fruit flies and mosquitos that get in. It’s worth every penny.

  3. I am not an insect professional,however in my experience over the last 20 years there is a definite difference between fruit flies and sewer flies. Fuit flies are found when leftover food is available, and it is seasonably warm. Fruit flies are very small in general. Sewer flies are slightly bigger, and darker in color. Sewer flies will present themselves in a mild climate, and to last throughout the year. Sewer flies are not picky about the items they hover over, and will hover over things a fruit fly will not ie: coffee grinds, bathroom sinks, a box of cookies. As the name implies sewer flies are born in the sewer if you had any issues with the sewer lines backing up you can get sewer flies. Unfortunately the only way to get rid of them is to have the plumber come back and treat your pipes.
    I hope this information was helpful, and let me reiterate I am not a professional,this is only my experience, and explanation from a professional plumber as I recall it

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